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Because there’s really nothing quite like spending an hour or so perusing books old and new in a book shop…

Each year, Independent Book Shops Week celebrates the great and the good of the books world, and the funny, fascinating, incredible places across the world dedicated to books, books, and more books. Some of our favourites? London’s lovely Persephone Books with its fresh flowers, cakes and tea is up there for sure. And Bart’s Books – outdoors so you can make the most of the Cali sunshine? Genius! Here’s a few of our favourite independent book shops…

El Ateneo – Argentina

Cook & Book – Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Dominicanen – Maastricht

Cafebrería El Péndulo – Mexico City

Daunt Books – Marylebone

Libreria Acqua Alta Di Frizzo Luigi – Venice

Livraria Lello – Porto

Bart’s Books – California

Shakespeare and Company – Paris

Persephone Books – London