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Discover the beauty products we’ve been trying and loving of late. From the haircare range for the softest, silkiest tresses to our favourite skincare for glowy summer skin, and the bargain must-haves for 100% relaxed bathing…


Say hello to the chicest beauty brand we’ve met in quite some time. Maison Louise Marie; so simple, so elegantly understated, so impossibly effortless. Founded by Marie du Petit Thouars – French-born, Los Angeles-based – all of the Maison Louis Marie line is free from toxic and synthetic ingredients. A mindful approach to beauty, if you like. Perfume, bodycare products and candles – all are scented with a considered collection of unisex fragrances. And just look at that packaging. SWOON.



Upcircle is all about elevating ordinary, leftover ingredients – and transforming them into something really rather extraordinary. How many millions of people enjoy a takeaway coffee across the UK every single day? And what happens to those coffee grounds? Well, the lovely people at Upcircle repurpose them – and save them from landfill – making them into beautiful, natural skincare products. We’re big fans of the Hydrating Face Serum, which is packed with brightening antioxidants and rich essential oils. And the lemongrass and peppermint scrubs have become shower staples – with instantly uplifting and refreshing scents, leaving skin smooth and soft thanks to natural shea butter. Meaning you can skip post shower moisturiser, saving you precious AM minutes – ergo, winning at life.



One of our favourite beauty bargains. A kilo of Westlab‘s pure mineral bath salts goes a long way – with a capsule collection of products on offer, all designed to revive, cleanse, soothe and detoxify. The mineral-rich salt crystals promise a host of wellbeing benefits, but really the number one has to be 100% relaxation. Add a handful of your salts of choice to a hot bath, find your book of choice, that’s it. 20 minutes later, you can expect softened skin, an uplifted mind, and a soothed spirit. We’re also rather partial to the Soothing Shower Wash too…



Back in 2007, Shaun Pulfrey appear on a little TV show called Dragon’s Den, where he was rejected by every single investor. His invention? The Tangle Teezer. £100 million and a few last laughs later, the TT is a household name – selling billions of brushes globally. But what you might not know is that you might not be using the right Tangle Teezer. The latest products in the range include brushes for fine and fragile hair, thick and curly Afro hair and even a brush designed specifically for use on wet hair – when it’s most fragile and prone to breakage. We also LOVE that you can design your own brush – simply by uploading a photo to the site. We’ve gone for a deep green malachite pattern on ours, but you can add any pic you like.



Summer’s here and we all want that dewy, glowy skin, right? Heavy foundation? Non merci! So our current must-haves for a flawless complexion are a trio of products from Chanel, and combined they create the most natural, glowy your-skin-but-better finish. With SPF 30, the LES BEIGES Sheer Glow Tinted Moisturiser has to be THE most foolproof product – best applied with fingertips and then blended in with a soft brush, it has a lightweight feel, leaving skin luminous and fresh. Follow with the lightest dusting of the LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Sheer Powder, before smudging ultra-glossy Baume Essentiel onto cheekbones for a glowy finish. Très, très belle.



You’ve heard of Olaplex, right? The luxury hair salon treatment which will set you back almost as much as the cut itself. We think you might quite like Pureplex, from Superdrug-owned Knight & Wilson. Designed for daily use, the shampoo and conditioner aim to repair damage from colouring, heat, styling and chemicals, rebuilding the hair’s own natural structure, restoring strength and elasticity. And there’s also a super simple four-step treatment kit, which we’d recommend unreservedly. If your hair’s looking a little frizzy/lacklustre/limp/tired, Pureplex is definitely worth trying.



When Guardian Beauty Editor Sali Hughes swears by something, our curiosity is piqued. And there’s a reason why Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift is a go-to for so, so many beauty editor. It works. This is a long-lasting, two-in-one treatment which brightens dark circles, blurs lines and banishes puffiness.  No need for powder, just let this set and you’re good to go. It’s so easy, you could probably use in in the dark. Thank us when people mention how well you’re looking…



You know Glossier, with it’s #basic Millennial pink packaging? Well Glossier Play is totally, totally different. Think of it as Glossier’s fun best friend – the one you’d drink shots with. Banish boring black eyeliners, and try the bright hues of Colorslide, and swap our your usual eyeshadows for a swipe of the glimmering paillettes of Glitter Geleé. Our new go-to for a subtle glow is the Niteshine liquid highlighter, which offers buildable shine for eyes, cheekbones – anywhere you’d like to add radiance. And don’t underestimate Vinylic Lip – sure lipgloss might seem a little old school – but worn with glowy skin and understated eyes, it’s oh so chic.