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Any time is time for tea! We’re teamed up with luxury tea brand T2 to give you the chance to WIN a generous selection of their finest teas…

Books and tea. The perfect pairing? Definitely. Having featured their delicious Sleep Tight tea in our June box, we’re delighted to team up with T2 Tea to give you the opportunity to win a selection of the luxury tea brand’s finest blends… With hundreds of different teas on offer, T2 prove that tea is anything but a simple AM cup of builder’s with a couple of sugars. Oh yes, any time is time for tea! Here’s a day in T2 tea – and you could win ALL of this…

Wake Up With: Southern Sunrise

A sunny blend to slowly ease you into the day and gradually wake up your digestive system. Inspired by Australian summers, Southern Sunrise brings a sunshiny feel to awakening – even in the coldest depths of winter! The blend of white hibiscus, lemongrass and grapefruit is vibrant, fresh and a little fruity – plus caffeine-free, allowing you to wake up slowly, at your body’s own pace.

The Breakfast Blend: Morning Sunshine

A cup of tea with your breakfast – and perhaps, come the weekend, the newspapers? Morning Sunshine is T2’s “ultimate breakfast brew” – created with a blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Rwandan estate black teas. The result? A proper cuppa that’s just right – whether you prefer it with oodles of milk, sugar or maybe a spritz of fresh lemon. PG Tips? Pah!

The Mid-Morning Moment: Gorgeous Geisha

Got that mid-morning, pre-lunch slump? Gorgeous Geisha combines top quality Sencha green tea with sweet, moreish flavours of strawberries and cream. This smooth, succulent blend is a million miles from the bitter green teas you may have tried in the past, with the aromatic scent of luscious strawberries making this a pure pleasure to drink. You can also try this iced – perfect for summer mornings.

The Lunchtime Cup: White Ginger

White tea? Truly, the unsung hero when it comes to teas, white tea has a wonderfully light, delicate flavour, meaning it’s ideal to accompany meals. This pretty Pai Mu Tan blend also features ginger – which adds a gentle hint of spice, and works wonderfully to boost digestion as well. Try T2’s White Ginger and we guarantee you’ll want to test out more white teas.

The Skincare Routine: Beauty Queen

We love a bit of multi-tasking here at RIH HQ. Fancy a facial while you tackle those emails? Try a cup of T2’s Beauty Queen tea. This rather clever green tea combines powerful, skin-loving antioxidant-rich ingredients to perfect your complexion – think jasmine, liquorice root, nettle leaves and moringa. Best of all? It’s not only good for your skin, it tastes really good too!

An Afternoon Treat: Jade Mountain

A green tea that tastes like chocolate hazelnut brownies? We think you might quite like T2’s Jade Mountain! When it gets to 3pm, the temptation to raid the biscuit tin can be overwhelming. You’re bored of staring at the computer screen, you’re kind of ready to go home and the only thing to cheer you up is something sweet. A cup of Jade Mountain is exactly what you need – with flavours of cocoa and toasted hazelnuts, this is delicious solo, or served with a little milk and sugar.

Cocktail Time: Fruitalicious

Cocktails and tea? Oh yes – and T2’s Fruitalicious is just the thing! Combining fresh fruit flavours of blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and dragon fruit, this is perfect in cocktails, such as the Fruitalicious Fizz: a sparkling, oh-so-summery tipple with rosemary and lemon. Super simple to prepare, this one is also delicious with Prosecco or a generous slug of gin!

A Blend for Bed: Sleep Tight

The beautiful blend we featured in our June box! This soothing lemon balm tisane is just the thing to help you wind down before bed. Sleep Tight also contains rose petals, jasmine blossom and lavender – before you’ve even taken a sip, the tea’s tranquil aroma is instantly calming and relaxing.

How to take part? Follow Reading in Heels on FacebookInstagram and Twitter – like the photo post and tag a friend. That’s it! The competition is open to UK entrants only, closing Thursday 28th June at MIDNIGHT! For more information on T2 see the brand’s website.