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Style your bookshelves? Oh yes, and here’s all the interiors inspiration you need to create the perfect #shelfie and show off your books…

Books. We’ve got loads of them. And we bet you have too. Once upon a time, people just put books on their shelves as they read them. These days? Oh hello, #shelfie! So, how to show off your books to best advantage… Here are just a few of our favourite ways – instant inspiration for your shelves and those lovely books!

Pick your Colours

Choose a colour theme – here white, gold and green – for an eye-catching display, perhaps in a living room or bedroom. This is the ‘statement shelf’ – not one for piling the paperbacks high, rather for a few favourites or choice current reads, plus plants, ornaments, candles and flowers.

Pile Em Up

Books all the same way around? Oh how old school! Create pattern and interest by stacking your books front to back, back to front and upside down. Confusing? Perhaps. Surprising? Certainly.

Mix It Up

Ornaments and plants aside, how about mixing up your shelves with something a little different? Trays of perfume, a miniature cocktail bar or perhaps an old-fashioned record player or radio?

Judging By The Covers

Books with beautiful covers? Use picture shelves to show them off. This is also a great alternative to a gallery wall – plus you can change the books over whenever you like, no need for a hammer and nails.

Make It Yours

Massive collection of pretty Chinese porcelain vases? Love plants? Add them to your bookshelves – that extra dash of personality will make them even more your own. A little eclectic style in your interiors is always good.

Rainbow Bookshelves

We LOVE this idea – and it really looks fantastic if you have a room that needs brightening up. Organise books of all shapes and sizes by colour, et voila – an instant pop of rainbow brightness in your room.

In The Dark

Books really stand out against a dark bookcase. Why not paint yours deep blue, slate grey or forest green? Even boring books look great against a rich, deep colour!

Up Top

Short on space? Bookshelves up high is the solution! High up bookshelves are perfect for storing books you’ve read and enjoyed, meaing that you save on floor space. Winning!