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Episode three of our podcast is here! The Stories That Changed My Life meets the incredibly-talented, truly hilarious Lauren Bravo, author of What Would The Spice Girls Do?

We’re back with a brand new episode of The Stories That Changed My Life, and this time we got to hang out with journalist and debut author, Lauren Bravo. We think you’re going to like her a lot!

What WOULD The Spice Girls Do? it’s a question we’ve been pondering for quite some time – and one that writer Lauren Bravo has finally found an answer to in her brand new book, cleverly named…. What Would The Spice Girls Do! Lauren’s life stories and literary stories range from the ultimate secret you NEED to know when in comes to taking trains, to the most impossibly romantic family tale. There’s also feminism aplenty, a small German boy, the joys of being read to and competitive grandmas.

A reminder of what The Stories That Changed My Life is all about? It’s a podcast about books, life, and many things besides. Expect lively, thought-provoking discussion to inform your reading list and inspire you to think about your life and your own narratives. Think Desert Island Discs for books and some good, old-fashioned storytelling. Each episode we invite guests to take a look at the narratives we tell, what they say about us and how we make sense of the world around us, sharing life stories and literary stories. And as well as Entale, we’re on iTunes – so make sure you’re subscribed here. Upcoming guests include Olivia Sudjic and Elizabeth Day…