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The Sleep Set


Choose our Sleep Set and receive a curated collection of lovely treats all designed to help you drift off and get a peaceful night’s sleep… This includes T2’s Sleep Tight Tea, a Spacemask our Sensual Tea Light Trio and a Made By Coopers Mini Sleepy Head Beauty Balm.

Made By Coopers Mini Sleepy Head Beauty Balm: A multifunctional sleep balm with Lavender and Frankincense essential oils and vitamin-rich hemp oil to heal and soothe the skin, calm the mind and help you drift off into a blissful night’s sleep. Calming lavender has been blended with soothing frankincense – a powerful combination to de-stress and unwind. 10g size.

Spacemask: Steal a much-needed moment of relaxation during a busy day at work, on a long-haul flight, or at home before bed with one of these peace-inducing Spacemasks. Designed to take its wearer to a new dimension of tranquility, this self-warming, jasmine-scented eye mask is conveniently packed into a pocket-sized pouch, so you can get your fifteen minutes of blissful tranquility, no matter the time or place.

Sensual Tea Light Trio: Enjoy a trio of long-burning tealights made with the finest essential oils. From Cornwall-based artisan candle company St Eval, each of these tealights burns for up to six hours. Sensuality: Let the luxurious blend of nutmeg, citrus fruits & vibrant ginger fill your home;  Sandalwood: A blend of warm woody, musky and very sensual notes and Sea Salt: A unique warm, yet fresh blend of ozonic and citrus scents which are reminiscent of the ocean.

T2 Sleep Tight Tea: Five sachets of T2’s luxury lemon balm-based tisane – it’s the perfect nighttime brew with a glorious aroma and delicate sweet flavour.

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