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Cool Girl Texturising Spray


The most dramatically effective hair texturiser of its time, Cool Girl is a groundbreaking professional formula developed by legendary stylist Sam McKnight.

This universal texturising spray guarantees that nonchalant, fresh-out-of-bed style you’ve always lusted after, delivering a matte-sheen finish that unrefines any hair type to its naturally tousled best. With a soft botanical fragrance and lightweight, barely-there feel, you’ll be able to effortlessly capture the organically undone look that McKnight has made his signature, from your own dressing table. Simply spritz it on, mess it up to create your desired look, then brush back to normal.

“Cool Girl gives you the hair that everyone wants. It’s rock‘n’roll and sexy. The trick to Cool Girl hair is making it look like you haven’t even tried. It’s the antithesis to done hair.” – Sam McKnight