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Self-care rituals, dealing with stress and lazy weekends; the founder of prize-winning luxury bodycare brand Prismologie shares her me-time tips with us…

A bodycare brand based on precious gemstones and the power of colours might sound a little out there, but there’s not a whiff of the hemp-scented hippy dippy wholefoods store when it comes to Prismologie. Launched in 2015, the luxury bodycare brand is designed “to stir the senses, inspire the mood and enhance daily life” – it’s a company with self-care at its heart. Each of the colours in the Prismologie range is dedicated to a mood or feeling: green for serenity, yellow for confidence, indigo for stillness and white for clarity, for example. A brand all about me-time is music to our ears here at Reading in Heels, so we were delighted to have Prismologie as part of our Expert Edit of products in the September box. And we’re just as pleased to share Prismologie‘s me-time tips and tricks with you here….

What does me-time mean to you?

‘Me-time’ is whatever time I spend taking care of myself. In the past, I used to think this had to be extended periods of time or entire weekends that I would have to fill up doing ‘things’, but I realized that I would still neglect myself and wouldn’t be able to find ‘me-time’.

When we were developing Prismologie, the most important aspect I wanted to highlight is that me-time could even be 3 seconds of applying our comforting Rose Quartz & Rose Hand & Cuticle Cream, cupping your hands over your nose and mouth, taking a slow deep breath, and then going back to your hectic day knowing you took care of yourself for those 3 seconds.

We made sure that each Prismologie product had an element of ‘me-time’ infused into it. Taking the time to care for ourselves is extremely important. We are constantly running around caring for everyone else that we often forget to take care of ourselves, but if we do not care for ourselves first we will simply not be able to care for everyone else properly.

How do you deal with stress?

As soon as I realise I’m feeling stressed, I try and identify where it is coming from, and then I either deal with the situation immediately or calm myself with some deep breathing to bring everything back to centre.

Is reading something you do regularly?

I love reading! I used to read a lot when I was younger but when I started working I couldn’t find the time. But recently, I found that reading fiction really takes my mind off whatever is stressing me. Reading self-help or business books actually stresses me more!

How do you relax?

Lazy Saturday mornings are my favorite way to relax! I stay in bed, massage my arms and legs with our Prismologie Oud Massage Candle and just enjoy laying in bed aimlessly. I also relax by being with my close friends and family.

What does a night in and pampering yourself mean to you?

I actually do most of my pampering in the morning, but my night time ritual for the past 3 years has been the same, especially since we launched Prismologie. I lie in bed, do a bit of stretching, mostly twists to release my back, and then apply Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream, massaging my feet for a few moments before I fall asleep.

Favourite beauty products for relaxation?

Definitely our Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream and Oud Massage Candle.

What about exercise to beat stress?

I have never been an’ exercise’ person, but I find stretching and some yoga really helps me beat the stress, as well as walking outside in nature.

What does a relaxing weekend look like for you?

Even though I wake up early I love just laying in bed for 30 minutes or so doing absolutely nothing! We have a fabulous doctor, Dr Lu, who sometimes comes over to the house to do acupuncture and Chinese massage. But usually I spend time with family and friends watching a movie or playing board games. It always ends in laughter and that to me is the best way to relax ever – lots and lots of laughs!