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One part good old-fashioned storytelling, one part Desert Island Discs, introducing our brand new podcast: The Stories That Changed My Life…

It’s finally here! We’re SO excited to be able to share episode one of our new podcast: The Stories That Changed My Life.

The Stories That Changed My Life is a podcast about stories. Each episode, we invite guests to share the life stories and literary stories that have inspired and touched them. A books podcast for the non-bookish – no literary knowledge is needed here. Forget book reviews and complex discussions of books you’ve never read,The Stories That Changed My Life is one part good old-fashioned storytelling, one part Desert Island Discs.

This week, we’re speaking to prolific writer and journalist Sarra Manning – the author of September’s Reading in Heels book: The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp, a modern retelling of Vanity Fair. From tragic Russian emigres and Jack The Ripper connections to grungey 90s YA novels and every writer’s bete noire rejection – Sarra is a fascinating guest and a true raconteur.

We can’t wait to hear what you think, so please DO share feedback, comments and thoughts – you can email us at We’d also LOVE to hear your OWN stories, so please do share on social media hashtagged with #thestoriesthatchangedmylife, and we may just share some of them!

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