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OH HELLO! Episode four of our podcast is here! The Stories That Changed My Life meets the charming, enigmatic Olivia Sudjic – author of Sympathy – our October book…

Olivia Sudjic is our next guest on The Stories That Changed My Life. This episode is going to make you think; perhaps even question your own ideas and what’s behind them. “The first great Instagram novel”. Impressive praise for your debut novel, right? But with critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, Vogue and the New Yorker, it’s perhaps no surprise that Olivia Sudjic’s Sympathy would gain such praise. Olivia is such an engaging, thoughtful writer – and one who really explores what fiction means today.

In this episode of The Stories That Changed My Life, we take in why writing is like dating, why you should revisit books you’ve hated, taking Sympathy Powder and the inspiring importance of feeling ‘other’.

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