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We want to hear from YOU! What books do you love and why? Plus your chance to win the novels you can’t wait to read…

OH HEY THERE YOU! Our Reading in Heels members. We love them. You, yes, YOU! We wouldn’t be here without you, after all.

Something else we love. Books – and we’re pretty sure you do too. Let’s have a very warm welcome for our latest feature – as suggested by you, no less – MEET THE MEMBER!

What do you mean meet the member? Well, who doesn’t like to hear about what books others are reading and why they recommend it… Which book changed your life? What can’t you wait to read? And on the subject of which – if we feature YOU in Meet The Member, we’ll also send you one of the books on your #TBR! What’s the catch? No catch at all – just a little thanks for letting us feature you!

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We’ll hope to run this feature once a month if you like it – so it’s up to you to take part and tell us all about your books!