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We really wish we could send you cocktails with your boxes, you know? Not that we’re advocating alcohol consumption per se, but sometimes it would be rather nice to have a little chilled martini with one’s reading… Unfortunately it would be a bit difficult to send the shaker, ice and glasses – never mind the fresh ingredients! But this month, we’d actually like to suggest that instead of making a cuppa with the St. Clement’s Lemon tea included in April’s box, you put it to more judicious use – and mix up a cocktail.

Joe’s Tea Co’s are all made with the finest ingredients, and the herbs and spices in your St. Clement’s Lemon tea are directly traded from traditional, ethical farms in Sri Lanka. So you can expect BAGS (sorry…) of flavour in your cocktail – the zingy lemongrass and ginger work wonderfully with the citrusy scents of lemon, orange peel and mandarin. All in all, perfect for a chilled ice tea – excellent served over ice on sunny spring evenings!

When we do cocktails, we like to make them pretty easy – not everyone has advanced mixology skills, and some of us prefer to skip the booze sometimes. With this one, you can vary the quantities – and we’d definitely recommend making a big pitcherful if you’re feeling generous.


  • Brew up your St. Clement’s Lemon tea and leave to stand for ten minutes or so – that way you’ll get ALL the flavour.


  • Once the tea has cooled, fill up a jug with lots of ice, wedges of lemon and slices of fresh ginger, and then pour over the St. Clement’s Lemon tea. Add a measure of gin per person (we used Hyke Gin, but you can go with whatever you enjoy), and then top up with equal quantities of cloudy apple juice and soda water.



  • Add in a few handfuls of fresh mint leaves – give these a bit of a bash between your palms to release the flavours. Finally garnish with fresh rose petals and serve. CHEERS!

Variations? You can always trade the gin for vodka or even tequila if you prefer. Swap the soda for Prosecco, or Champagne – although this is quite strong, you have been warned! Those with a sweeter tooth, will enjoy this with more cloudy apple than soda, and if you like that sharp, citrus tang, add an extra squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice. Need more tea? Check out Joe’s Tea Co’s website.