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Smart and snappy, clever and courageous, we meet Jami Attenberg: the brilliantly funny novelist behind October’s featured book, All Grown Up.

With writing published in no less than 16 languages and seven books to her name, there’s no doubt that Jami Attenberg’s doing pretty well. She’s made the New York Times bestseller list, had two books optioned and been nominated for literary prizes. Not forgetting writing for The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Lenny Letter and The New York Times Magazine. Suffice to say, Attenberg’s writing credentials are nothing short of impeccable.

And when we read her latest work – All Grown Up – we were certain that we’d found the PERFECT book for our October box. Smart yet sad, funny yet courageous, All Grown Up takes a long, hard look at what being a single woman really means in the modern world. Stylist compared it to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s hit show, Fleabag, while Hadley Freeman described All Grown Up as “one of the smartest and truest novels I’ve read about being a single woman”. Red wine and self-improvement – Jami Attenberg shares her reading secrets…

Why and when do you read?

I read for enjoyment, but I also read because it makes me a better writer. If I’m stuck with my own work, I just need to pick up a good book and more often than not it will shake things loose in my brain. I usually read first thing in the morning, after I walk my dog, before the work day, and again in the late afternoon, just to keep things humming. Sometimes I’ll read before bed but that almost always puts me to sleep immediately.

Reading soundtrack?

No soundtrack! Perfect quiet. I can’t hear any words at all if I want to be in the world of the book. There’s white noise that comes from the traffic on the street outside my house, though. But that’s about all I can tolerate.

Reading drinks and snacks?

I’ll read with my coffee in the morning and maybe a little bit of breakfast. I also love having a late afternoon/early evening read session at a wine bar down the street from my house. One glass of red and forty pages of literature. That sounds like a perfect night to me.