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How to launch a jewellery brand and make it a stratospheric success in next to no time? Meet Maya Magal – the insanely talented creative behind Mayal Magal London….

We hear a lot about how women are taught not to take up space. And so, instead of just having one token day dedicated to women, we’re having an ENTIRE WEEK, International Women’s Day is fine, but no thanks – we’re having International Women’s Week. So this week, we’re hosting a series of interviews and competitions, each celebrating women and featuring one amazing female entrepreneur.

The penultimate day of International Women’s Week, and today we’re featuring an absolute powerhouse of an entrepreneur. It’s been a little over five years since Maya Magal founded her eponymous jewellery brand, and today the company has no less than three beautifully-appointed stores across London. Not to mention the features in Vogue, Forbes, The Sunday Times and ELLE to namedrop just a few of the most recent titles. And not forgetting that her pieces have been worn by the likes of Alexa Chung, Jourdan Dunn, Adele and Alice Levine. Maya is actually the daughter of a renowned Cairo jeweller, which may explain her eye for creating the most exquisitely simple pieces. Maya’s geometric ‘everyday luxury’ designs are made to be worn everyday – dressed up or down, whether you pair them with a silk slip dress or jeans and sneakers. Stop by one of the Mayal Magal London stores and we promise you’ll want to buy two of everything! We spoke to Maya about women in business, the future of equality and why women are so special…

What does feminism mean to you?

Equality for all.

A woman who inspires you and why?

My mum. She can feed an army with just 30 mins notice. She throws fabulous dinner parties with incredible food, and her help with the design aesthetic at home and in my stores has been invaluable. And business-wise I admire Olivia Von Halle. Her brand is amazing, and she is also a mother which inspires me to be successful balancing my own business and family.

What are you most proud of in your career?

The team I have built. It has taken a while to get here, but now working with my team is so fun, inspiring and motivating that it feels really special to come to work.

Tell us about your favourite female-authored book?

It has to be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

How do you feel about the future of feminism?

I feel it should only get better. We are on the correct path and with the right attitudes and mindset, the next generation should hopefully continue to improve equality.

Three female-founded brands you’re a fan of?

Luxury beauty from Nicola Elliot’s Neom, Trine Anderson’s lifestyle label Ferm Living, and Beija London, a lingerie brand founded by two sisters – and our lovely neighbours at Coal Drops Yard!

How can we make gender equality a reality?

By celebrating the differences between men and women, instead of pretending the differences don’t exist. By supporting woman during times they need it and by not judging anybody in any position due to their gender.

Favourite women in the arts?

Victoria Beckham. She’s quite amazing, despite the horrible press about her – and an often really negative experience with the public – she’s gone on to raise an amazing family, and keep it together while running a successful fashion business. She’s a great example of media tearing women down instead of building them up, and I respect what she’s managed to create.

Why are women so amazing?

Because of their compassion and kind nature. And because of their ability to multitask.

What’s next for the brand?

Focusing on experiential retail and becoming the go-to jewellery brand for strong women.

If women ruled the world…

There would be less violence.

Maya Magal have kindly offered a set of their stacking rings or a personalised necklace to win. How to enter? Follow Reading in Heels on FacebookInstagram or Twitter – like the photo post and tag your most glamorous pal in the comments – AND don’t forget to retweet/share the post hashtagged with #internationalwomensweek. That’s it! The competition closes Friday 15th March at MIDNIGHT.