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The Out-Out Edit? Tried and thoroughly tested, meet the very best beauty products of 2018 for those sophisticated nights out. As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to share the beauty products with you that have truly impressed us over the past year.


To tell the truth, we’re not 100% sure why Jeanne Damas first became famous. Originally a bit of an Instagram It-Girl, perhaps a model or actress, she’s now a designer with her own successful fashion brand, Rouje – and, most recently, the creator of a collection of rather lovely lipsticks. Le Rouje de Paris launched with four lip colours, all prettily presented in gold, vintage-inspired packaging. Or you can get Jeanne, Camille, Emilie and Lamia in one super chic palette, ideal for applying to lips and cheeks on the go. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure everything looks a little smudgy, not too done – with that Parisian insouciance that’s oh so sexy. SHOP HERE.


If this triumvirate of complexion-enhancing powders can’t perk up your face, we really recommend you check for a pulse. NARS’ iconic Orgasm Blusher and Laguna Bronzer are joined by the Orgasm Highlighting Blush – oh HELLO glowy, gorgeous complexion! Now, the Orgasm Infatuation Cheek Palette is – at time of writing – limited edition, but we’re pretty sure this is due a real release at some point, just because it’s so, so good. Warm up the complexion with a sunkissed sweep of Laguna, brush a hint of Orgasm’s peach-pink colour onto cheeks, and finish with a pop of highlighter on cheekbones and anywhere else you’d like to add radiance. SHOP HERE.


Do you need a Chanel lip balm? No. Do you want one? Probably. Is this a reasonable price? Not at all. Not even vaguely. And while we’d be the last to advocate flippant consumerism, sometimes a completely unnecessary luxury winking at you from the depths of your handbag can be simply the loveliest thing. A gloomy grey morning, a long day at work, but the promise of a glass of red wine with a close friend and something you’ve bought to cheer yourself up? Just lovely. We recommend you have a long think about what yours would be – and reward yourself with it some time next year. What will your reward be for? As for this, Chanel’s lip balm is luscious – leaving lips soft, nourished and smooth. And that packaging – your clutch has never looked chicer. SHOP HERE.


Shower gel. It’s not really something most of us pay a lot of attention to, is it? But that’s probably because you’ve never tried the Cannabis Hand + Body Wash from Malin + Goetz. This stuff is damn sexy. Obviously, at a basic level, it’s an excellent product for thoroughly cleansing your skin, but that’s not why we’re here. It’s that divinely alluring scent. A little spicy, a little musky, slightly smoky with a tiny hint of floral sweetness. You might just have a little moment in the shower when you use this – and it works equally well in the bath too. A little goes a long way, so please feel free to share your shower with someone and save water. Don’t worry, this contains no cannabis – but you may find yourself feeling a little naughty anyway… SHOP HERE.


Want to truly shock your colleagues on a Thursday afternoon? Pop on Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask and watch them hide under their desks. Jokes aside, this completely dry face mask is revolutionary – and still the very best of its kind. Hook the tapes around your ears, sit back for 15 minutes and voila – dewy, glowy, hydrated skin. It EVEN works when you’re wearing makeup – in fact makeup artist Wayne Goss actually recommends using it that way. It’s not dirt cheap, but you will get at least five or so uses out of each mask so… How does it work? According to CT, it’s the ‘revolutionary biomimetic delivery system’, but honestly when it’s this good, do you really care? Plump, luminous, bright skin, yes please. SHOP HERE.


Don’t believe in primer? Try the Mineral Veil Primer from Hourglass and we think you might just change your mind. Smooth onto skin, for the most flawless complexion – blemishes, redness and fine lines are all beautifully, subtly blurred and pores minimised. The oil-free formula’s feel is lightweight, leaving skin satiny smooth – it’s the perfect canvas for foundation, or ideal worn solo if you like a more natural look. This also rather cleverly makes makeup completely waterproof – so it definitely lasts much longer too. Try this once, and it’ll become a staple. SHOP HERE.


Can a towel really be life-changing? This one is. Ask anyone who’s tried an Aquis Hair Towel, and you will witness them absolutely raving about how fantastic they are and why you need one. The number one cause of hair damage? As a general rule, it’s heat – whether that’s down to drying, styling or both. Aquis towels cut drying time by around 50%, resulting in less time drying your hair and less damage too – whether that’s from rubbing or the hairdryer. Aquitex – the fabric the towels are made from – is inspired by functional workout fabrics, which work to wick away moisture rapidly. Here, this means less drying ERGO more fun. More pirouetting around the dancefloor, more cocktails with friends, more wild laughter at 3AM etc etc… SHOP HERE.


Isn’t it just the worst thing when you happen on someone wearing YOUR perfume? Sure, life holds more dire disappointments, but you know what we mean. Enter The Experimental Perfume Club – whose new Layers 01 Blending Collection ensures that said event will almost certainly never occur. The idea is that you create your very own, utterly personal perfume by blending the three scents in the collection. The Experimental Perfume Club’s founder Emmanuelle Moeglin has expertly crafted each scent to complement each other and work harmoniously together. A little more of the Sandalwood Musk base for something more sensual, or perhaps a touch more of the heady Bergamot Incense top layer or the heady, floral Jasmine Osmanthus middle note? Mix up your scent, choose a name, pop in your clutch. You may never want to wear ready-made scent ever again. BUY HERE.


Try Viseart’s eye shadows once, and everything else will just seem a bit sub par. A staple in makeup artists’ kits, these highly-pigmented, finely-milled eye shadows are so long-lasting and beautifully blendable, you’ll wonder why you’ve bothered using anything else. A professional finish is so easily achievable, and there’s a huge variety of colours on offer too. The Paris-based professional brand specialises in eye shadows – and there’s something to suit all tastes, whether you love brights or neutrals. The Cashmere and Chroma Theory Palettes are our go-tos for everyday, with colours to take you from day to night easily. A desk drawer must-have. SHOP HERE.