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As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to share the beauty products with you that have truly impressed us over the past year. Today, it’s our pick of 2018’s best beauty products for that perfect night in – The Me-Time Edit…


Ortigia makes THE best bath salts. No question. Add a handful of the Sicilian company’s scented bath salts to running water, allow to dissolve and feel the stresses and strains slip away. Ortigia’s scents are blended by master perfume Lorenzeo Villoresi – and these bath salts are on offer in a range of fragrances to suit all tastes. Our favourite? Undoubtedly Ortigia’s Ambra Nera Bath Salts, but the Geranium and Jasmine versions are also pretty damn divine. Skin is left soft and smooth, and tired muscles really relax. Needless to say, it doesn’t matter, but the packaging is just beautiful too… SHOP HERE.


Mr Tom Dixon makes many beautiful things, but it’s his scented candles that we really can’t get enough of. The scents, the packaging – these candles are just so chic. The Materialism candles are gorgeous, but it’s the Eclectic collection that have captured our heart – they’re true modern classics. Presented in simple yet elegant handmade brass, nickel and copper vessels with marble lids, these candles may seem a little spendy – but they’re super long-burning. The Tom Dixon Orientalist Candle ‘captures the faint memory of an Indian wedding’, redolent with notes of rose, cinnamon, violet, patchouli and musk. Light one of these and sit down with your book. Bliss. SHOP HERE.


When Sand & Sky launched their first product – the Brilliant Skin mask – it was a global sellout, becoming a cult must-buy almost overnight, with waiting lists of excited customers checking their inboxes daily. So should you believe the hype? In short, yes, you should. While clay masks are traditionally best suited to oily complexions, this one works well for all skin types, with a blend of natural ingredients tackling myriad concerns. Yes, there’s the deep cleansing benefit, but you can also expect brighter, smoother, more even skin, with refined pores and tone. Better still, Sand & Sky’s Brilliant Skin works as a spot treatment too. All in all, it’s our go-to, suits-all mask for better skin in next-to-no-time. A night-in staple. SHOP HERE.


This stuff. If you’re feeling in any way lacking in body confidence, buy a pot of Le Labo’s Santal 33 Body Cream. Massage into your skin from top to toe every day until there’s no more left to use. We guarantee you will have a different relationship with your body. This is some seriously, seriously sexy stuff. Santal 33 is the most dangerously intoxicating scent; a sensual cocktail of notes including cardamom, iris, violet and sandalwood. It’s spicy, musky and very sexy – particularly when added to a body cream. This is made with coconut and olive oils, along with aloe vera and vitamins A and E, for velvety smooth, super soft, scented skin. And as they say – ‘for better results, have someone else apply it on you…’ It would be rude to say no, right? SHOP HERE.


A billionaire heiress launches a haircare brand and – guess what – it’s actually rather good. Tamara Ecclestone may not have trained at Vidal Sassoon, but her hair-styling range is legitimately decent. Sure, the black, rose gold and crystal packaging may be a little extra for some, but Show Beauty’s Sublime Repair Treatment Mask is worth every penny. Smooth onto wet hair once a week and leave for ten minutes or so, and you can expect an intensive, salon-quality treatment, leaving tresses soft, silky and as glossy as you might expect. Caviar, white truffle and a blend of proteins nourish, condition and hydrate. Oh HELLO swishy, shiny hair. SHOP HERE.


We’ve never met a Rodin product we didn’t like – or one that just didn’t work, for that matter – and the brand’s hand creams are our absolute favourites. Made with a magnificently-rich blend of argan and macadamia oils, along with shea butter, aloe and jojoba, Rodin’s Jasmine & Neroli Crema will soothe and hydrate even the driest of hands, leaving skin nourished and soft. Absorbed rapidly, the heady notes of fragrant jasmine and neroli make this a pleasure to use – a little luxury, if you like. Rodin’s Lavender Absolute Crema is the PM version of same treatment, with a soothing, sophisticated scent for a moment for luxurious calm and tranquility. SHOP HERE.


Everything sounds better in French, right? ‘Voile Satin, L’Art du Soin’. Who wouldn’t want some of that? And you should – as Diptyque’s very sexy Satin Oil is simply magnifique. Once you’re past the oh-so-elegant packaging, the body oil itself is divine. The scent is very light and slightly floral, with notes of jasmin and ylang ylang, and the oil itself really is satiny, absorbing almost instantly, leaving skin silky soft and smooth. Apply this after a long hot soak in the tub or your AM shower to really hydrate and nourish skin – and you can also use this on dry hair as a repairing treatment for extra glossy shine. SHOP HERE.


You can spend a lot of cash on facial rollers – but skip splashing out as you can easily get something just as effective for a lot less – check Google and you’ll see. Our favourites are jade or rose quartz, and they’re a quick, easy way to get instant results at home. They’re also incredibly relaxing! Facial rolling as been used in China for centuries, boosting circulation and banishing tension and puffiness. The rolling action serves to invigorate the lymphatic system, aiding detoxification and massaging muscles. The result? Used regularly, you’ll notice better skin tone and texture – and the rolling itself is so soothing. Pop your in the fridge for half an hour or so before using for an extra boost – these are also magic if you’re feeling hungover.


The best place to experience a spa? Not surprisingly, it’s at a spa. Unless you live at a spa, your home is just never going to feel like a spa. Sorry. But somehow, if you cup your hands in front of your face and take a deep breath in to enjoy the aromatic scent of the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil from Kiehl’s, it really, really does feel blissfully relaxing. A moment of tranquility – even if you’ve only got two minutes at the end of the day. In terms of effective cleansing, this ticks all the boxes too. The gentle oil-to-milk formula removes makeup and impurities, leaving skin clean, soft and comfortable – exactly what a cleanser should do. Try it once, and you’ll be addicted. SHOP HERE.


How blissful does the idea of a pink cloud sound? Luckily Herbivore Botanicals’ Pink Cloud moisturiser is just lovely. Lightweight, with an almost whipped texture, it’s a product which works well regardless of skin type. It’s light enough for those who might usually skip moisturising, but sufficiently rich to satisfy even those with dry, dehydrated and sensitive complexions. It’s also free of synthetics, and packed with natural ingredients including rose water, kukui oil and white tea extract. Uncomplicated, effective and leaves skin with a dewy finish and fresh feel. We absolutely love it. SHOP HERE.