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Since we launched our offer to send out free boxes to your friends, family and colleagues, we’ve had an absolutely unprecedented response.

“Every month we’ll send out 3-5 boxes at random to people you love, and who could really do with a little something to show that someone cares. And that however hard things might be right now, they’re not alone.”

So we thought we’d share the four people we’ll be sending free boxes to this month. Please understand that we chose these recipients at random – and will select a further set of people to receive a box next month.

“My colleague (and friend) Alison’s husband died suddenly and unexpectedly at the weekend. They separated last year but remained extremely close and shared the care of their 8-year-old son – as you can imagine she is devastated. Alison is an English Literature Lecturer and loves books. I think she would be the perfect recipient of your free box.”

“I’d love to send a box to the lovely lady who cleans my classroom. She is always there for us all to talk to. She is going through a really tough time with one of her children and she is trying her best to hold it in. I really feel like she deserves a box as I know how much she loves reading!”

“My mum has a very rare type of cancer which shes been fighting for 5 years – shes had 3 major surgeries and last month discovered she probably only has 6 months left. She has been given the chance to TRY a new drug which may give her a little more time which she starts next week but I would love for her to receive a box while she will be spending time in hospital for treatment and she loves to read.”

“My mum is currently travelling from England to Belfast most weekends to care for my grandparents. Her life is here, but they need her there. It’s been over a year of constant trips. It’s drained her bank account, energy for self-care, and resilience. I do what I can for her and I’m going over to Belfast myself next month to care in her place; with a box, she could finally get a relaxing Sunday off with a book and soothing treats. It’s exactly what she needs.”

Would you like us to send a box to someone? Simply leave us a few details here about why you’d like us to send them a box, plus their name and address and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s it. And if you would like to pay for a box for someone yourself – please get in touch.

Because we care, and this too shall pass.